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Shadow Tower rated by ESRB as PSOne Classic, pre-Demon’s Souls From Software title

by Ron Duwell | February 26, 2015February 26, 2015 7:30 pm EST

Show of hands! Who here pushed through any From Software games before Demon’s Souls became the latest hotness? Probably not many out there. The company was known as a C-tier developer for a reason back in the day, and there isn’t a soul alive who’d have guessed it would come up with the hottest Japanese action games on the market.

I’ve gone hands on with plenty of the Armored Core games and the marvelously patriotic Metal Wolf Chaos, but those are at least solid. I can’t claim to have suffered through some of the really experimental and cruddy stuff. Evergrace, Eternal Ring, Murakumo, Ninja Blade, and those dreaded Kings Field games. They popped up in stores in the PlayStation 2 days, and I even snagged up some of them on the cheap out here in Japan.

Regardless, they remain foreign to me, and probably will for the rest of time, unless they are made accessible via the PlayStation Store. Yeah, like that’ll ever happen.

Laugh all you want, but someone is out to make sure that at least one of these games make it through the digital channels. Sony, taking publication duties from the former publisher Agetec, has applied for a rating for a game called Shadow Tower. I’ve never played it, but gameplay footage shows a first-person action adventure very much in the same creepy vein of Demon’s Souls. Plenty of blocking, dodging, and waiting for that exact moment to strike. You know the formula by now.

It’s nothing remarkable by today’s standards, but you can bet I’ll be giving it a whirl when it gets released.

I’m glad to see someone out there is still interested in PSOne Classics. Speaking of the old Armored Core games… Who do we have to speak to get those up on the PSN store? Agetec handled publication back in the day, but the series has jumped from Bandai Namco to SEGA and back over the years.


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