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The #1 reason people are buying PS4s? Better resolution

by Joey Davidson | February 26, 2015February 26, 2015 9:30 am EST

According to a study done by survey company Nielsen, the biggest reason people are buying a PlayStation 4 is its “better resolution.” All of those 1080p/60fps stories, apparently, have done some work on consumer opinion.

The PlayStation 4 is far and away the number one selling gaming console of this generation. The Xbox One and Wii U sit behind Sony’s device, in that order. The Nielsen study posed a question about why consumers picked the platform they picked, and then sorted and compiled those responses into a handy chart.

Here’s how consumers responded when asked “Which of the following are the main reasons why you purchased/own your …?”

Top Factors Driving 8th Generation Console Purchase by Platform

There are a few interesting points to tease out of that chart. First, of course, is the better resolution driving a big portion of Sony’s sales. It’s interesting, too, that brand loyalty is a big reason for the Xbox One’s success. The Wii U? Fun. Hey, at least the pile of consumers that do buy a Wii U are doing so with the central message from Nintendo in mind.

The second biggest factor for the PS4, though, seems odd. Both the PS4 and Xbox One feature Blu-ray players. Neither company really advertises that feature, so it appears most consumers are still under the assumption that, like the PS3, the PS4 is the only Blu-ray equipped device.

For the Wii U? Backwards compatibility. That’s a huge, huge thing for me. I know not all gamers care about this, but I need a way to play old games on modern machines. It’s a space and convenience thing, and the Wii U being backwards compatible out of the box is massively important in my world. Apparently, average consumers care about this too.

What do you think of the Nielsen survey and its findings? Any surprises to you?

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