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Moto 360 getting Moto Maker customization starting in March

by Jacob Kleinman | February 26, 2015February 26, 2015 9:00 am EST

Motorola already offers a handful of different options for the Moto 360, but starting next month you’ll have a lot more control over the smartwatch’s design. The company revealed to Wired that it plans to offer the Android Wear device through its Moto Maker website sometime next month.

At first, your Moto 360 customization options will be pretty limited. You’ll be able to choose between a few colors, including silver, black and champagne gold, for the smartwatch’s body, and a leather or metal band that comes in two different sizes. Finally, pick the watch face it will run out of the box from 11 options, though you can always change that later on.

Once you confirm your order, the new Moto 360 will be assembled in China and shipped to your home. Don’t like how it turned out? Motorola will pay to ship it back and let you design a new one.

Down the line, Motorola says it hopes to add even more customization options. That could include pre-installed apps or the option to order new components when you want to mix things up or replace a single part. We’d also love the option to pick a custom engraving like you can on the Moto X, but for now we’re just excited to give the new Moto Maker a try once it launches next month.


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