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Tokyo Xanadu confirmed for a PS Vita release in 2015

by Ron Duwell | February 25, 2015February 25, 2015 9:30 pm EST

Tokyo Xanadu

Ys and The Legend of Heroes developer Nihon Falcom has confirmed that its modern day revival of the classic Xanadu series, titled Tokyo Xanadu, will be released for the PS Vita. Murmurs and guesses flying around the fanbase had speculated that it would be a mobile release, but the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation secures the release on a PlayStation console.

The game will take place in a fictional suburb of Tokyo called Moriyama City, and two high school students will jump between modern day Japan and a spiritual realm resembling the classic fantasy realm of Xanadu. Gematsu has the translation of the description.

  • Kou Tokisaka (Protagonist) – A 17 year-old second year high school student. Though brusque in his mannerisms, he’s not unfriendly towards others and is an archetypal modern day student all around. He uses a sword whip and specializes in mid-range attacks.
  • Asuka Hiragi – Kou’s classmate. She has an attractive face and figure, quick reflexes, gets excellent grades, and is class president. Though on the outside, she looks like a typical heroine… She wields a one-handed sword and specializes in close combat

The description also points out that action does not occur within modern Japan, but rather the students will look for scripted events to further the story within the spiritual Xanadu. Sounds a bit like Persona if you ask me.

Famitsu also has a wealth of information, translated by Gematsu, and the first scan of the game’s graphics.

Tokyo Xanadu Scan

Again, the game will be released for the PS Vita in Japan in 2015. No localizations have been confirmed yet, but XSEED has registered a domain for a game called “Xanadu Next.” Perhaps we’ll be seeing this game before 2015 is through as well.


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