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Pebble Time rockets to the top of Kickstarter its first day

by Sean P. Aune | February 25, 2015February 25, 2015 9:00 am EST

In just over 24 hours, people have bought a whole lot of Pebble Time smartwatches.

The original Pebble campaign asked for $100,000 and raised $10,266,845. For a long time it stood as the top Kickstarter campaign of all time until it was ousted by a cooler that raised $13,285,226. But now the Pebble is in danger of being ousted from second place on the all-time Kicksterter list by… Pebble.

The Pebble Time Kicksterter launched yesterday and grew faster than any other campaign we’ve ever seen. In just a little over 24 hours the project, which asked for $500,000 initially, sits at $9,065,527 with over 42,000 backers. With 30 days to go, it just needs $1.2 million to surpass its original project, and only $4.2 million to become the top dog.

Somehow we think it’s going to easily surpass both of those goals.

At this point, the bigger question is why Pebble went through Kickstarter at all. Couldn’t it have just handled pre-orders itself and skipped having to give the crowdfunding site a cut of the sales? Perhaps it went this way just out of nostalgia, but either way, it’s off to a heck of a start.

Sean P. Aune

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