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Mysterious Metal Gear Rising “2” was in celebration of the second anniversary

by Ron Duwell | February 25, 2015February 25, 2015 7:30 pm PST

Metal Gear Rising 2

Earlier this month saw a brief instance in which the Metal Gear fanbase rejoiced at the thought of a second Metal Gear Rising game. A mysterious “2” very clearly using the font found in the game’s title popped up during a Sony event in Taiwan leading to speculation around the world.

Kojima Productions denied that a sequel was in the works. I stated that Kojima Productions’ history of convoluted game reveals didn’t give it the credibility to deny their own game. Fans were left to debate if the font really looked liked Metal Gear Rising’s font, and it was a wonderful mess for about two days. Honestly, I had forgotten all about it.

Metal Gear Rising 2 (2)

That is until a pair of mysterious Twitter posts from the official Platinum Games’ account popped up over night once again sporting the same number “2.” Don’t get excited, though. The image was drawn in celebration of the game’s 2nd anniversary, not announcing anything new.

There you have it. They aren’t exactly the same, but you’d have to do a triple take to notice the differences. The font was indeed the same used in Metal Gear Rising’s title, but it had nothing to do with a sequel, just the second anniversary of the game’s release. Platinum Games’ Artist Yong-Hee Cho was just getting his creative juices flowing using the exact same number “2,” possibly as a joke.

This is the Metal Gear franchise we are talking about here, so we can’t leave anything off the table. However, if there is a deeply held secret within the halls of Konami, we’re not going to be hearing about it for quite some time. Not with Platinum Games’ openly poking sticks and laughing at a potential leak.


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