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Images claim to reveal official Galaxy S6 design (Update: New Images)

by Brandon Russell | February 25, 2015February 25, 2015 12:45 pm EST

Welp. Some brave soul over at All About Samsung has snagged what is allegedly an early Galaxy S6 unit, giving us a look at what the upcoming device looks like. The images are somewhat obscured by pink bubblewrap, but the mystery phone does look like it belongs in Samsung’s lineup, though, to be fair, the back logo is covered up, so we don’t know for sure. But, let’s be honest, this is probably what Samsung has in store for March 1, which is when we’re expecting the company to finally divulge its new wares.

Some U.S. carriers have already given us a pretty revealing look at the Galaxy S6 design, so seeing today’s pictures aren’t a real surprise. It’s difficult to extract the finer details since the unit is covered up. But it does indeed look like the edges are metal, while the volume rocket is pretty much identical to what you’d find on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The edges are less rounded than we initially thought—similar in style to the Galaxy Alpha.

The home button also looks a bit bigger and rounder than earlier Samsung phones, a design decision possibly meant to make way for an improved fingerprint scanner. Otherwise, there’s not much else to see in these photos. Units are clearly floating around the seedier back channels. We’ll get an official look at what the Galaxy S6 (and Galaxy S6 Edge) looks like in just a few days.

UPDATE: A trio of new photos have been uploaded by the original source, which you can see in the gallery above.

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