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Apple may beef up its audio software with new acqusition

by Brandon Russell | February 24, 2015February 24, 2015 7:00 pm EST


New evidence suggests Apple has acquired Camel Audio, a company known for creating plug-ins, synthesizers, effects and sound libraries that are available through its Alchemy software. Although the acquisition hasn’t been made official, folks have speculated about Camel Audio’s future following the company’s sudden shutdown earlier this year. Camel Audio previously sold Alchemy for upwards of $249, but promptly removed access for new users as of Jan. 8.

Camel Audio’s Alchemy software was a popular tool for artists looking to make unique beats. It’s unclear what Apple has planned for the company, but there’s a good chance Apple could bring Camel Audio’s technology to its family of mobile devices. Apple has put an emphasis on content creation using devices like the iPhone and iPad, recently introducing an ad about using the iPad to film and edit video.

Apple already offers its own audio creation tools like Logic Pro X and Garage Band, which means if an acquisition did occur, Audio Camel’s technology will likely be incorporated in one of those (or both). Without directly addressing the rumor, Apple gave The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple a canned response, saying the company occasionally buys smaller technology companies.

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