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Popular RPG studio tri-Ace bought out by mobile company

by Ron Duwell | February 23, 2015February 23, 2015 3:30 pm PST

Infinite Undiscovery

Star Ocean development studio tri-Ace has just been bought out by mobile gaming company Nepro Japan, leaving many fans of the polarizing RPG studio worried about its future.

When it comes to the grand scale of RPG history, tri-Ace has seen some incredible highs and plenty of lows too. The team started out as part of the legendary Wolf Team under Telenet, but it split off in 1995 after an internal dispute over publishers of its game Tales of Phantasia. tri-Ace would go on to take its ideas to forge out the Star Ocean series, and Wolf Team eventually became the Namco Tales Studio we see cranking out Tales games every year.

Since the split, fans best remember tri-Ace for its earlier games like the first two Star Ocean games and the masterpiece, Valkyrie Profile.

Valkyrie Profile

Sweet…. I need to play that again.

In recent years though, its RPG theories have tended to see plenty of rust build up with the third and forth Star Ocean game not really standing up to par and Infinite Undiscovery landing in a huge critical flop. Still, that old brilliance does pop up in a few cult hits like Resonance of Fate and Radiata Stories.

Recently, it had been doting outsourcing work with Square Enix working on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, but all that seems to be in jeopardy now. Nepro Japan focuses solely on mobile games, and Siliconera translates its statement as to saying the company “aims to have the best group of game creators in terms of scale and quality, and hope that their recent acquisition will take them towards the right direction.”

tri-Ace does have one subsidiary called Mobile & Game Studio which no doubt Nepro Japan will want to put to good use. As for the main console development studio in the company though, we’ll have to wait and see how Nepro exploits its talents.


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