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Nearby gas stations are now easier to find thanks to Google Now

by Killian Bell | February 22, 2015February 22, 2015 11:00 am EST

Sony Xperia Z1-Google Now

Google Now’s newest trick is giving drivers the ability to quickly find gas stations on their route, then help them navigate to them. Not only can it help you better plan your journey, but it could also mean you never have to run out of gas again.

The new card was spotted by Nexus 5 user Kevin McLaughlin, who posted the screenshot below to Google+. As you can see, it highlights gas stations on your current route, tells you exactly how far away they are, and provides the detour directions you need to reach them.


The information will be hugely helpful to drivers travelling on unfamiliar roads, when a low fuel light becomes the stuff of nightmares. It would be even more useful, however, if Google also had the ability to display gas station prices, too.

Like all new Google Now cards, it will likely be several weeks before this one is appearing on all devices, and it might be for users in the U.S. only initially.

If you don’t see it right away, then, you should do soon, but it’s not totally clear at this point what activates it; McLaughlin has no idea how it suddenly appeared on his device.

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