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These kids get absolutely destroyed by Super Meat Boy

by Joey Davidson | February 20, 2015February 20, 2015 8:30 pm EST

Super Meat Boy is not an easy game. Perhaps that’s putting it a tad too lightly. How about this? Super Meat Boy is brutal. It’s fun, but it’s brutal.

The Kids React video series on YouTube handed Super Meat Boy to a pack of unknowing children. Exactly what you would expect to happen happens. They’re beaten badly.

What’s nice about this particular episode of Kids React is that Super Meat Boy is fair about its brutality. Retries are quick, frustration is quickly beaten with a level victory and it’s so addictive that the kids want to keep rolling.

One girl is sad when they tell her to stop playing. I’d be sad too, friends.

The little dude near the 8:45 mark of the video says it best. “It’s fun because it’s difficult. Why make a game that’s not challenging?” Right on, man. Right. On.

Joey Davidson

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