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Microsoft offers Dropbox users 100GB of free OneDrive storage

by Killian Bell | February 20, 2015February 20, 2015 4:00 am EST


Microsoft is hoping to persuade Dropbox customers to switch to OneDrive by offering 100GB of free cloud storage for a whole year. It’s incredibly easy to take advantage of the offer; all you need to do is sign into your Dropbox account.

You will also need a Microsoft account, so if you aren’t already using OneDrive or another Microsoft service, you’ll need to set that up first. You can then visit Microsoft’s dedicated bonus page via the source link below and click the “Verify and get my storage” button.

Microsoft will then attempt to upload a “Getting Started with OneDrive” PDF to your Dropbox account, so you just need to sign in and confirm that that’s okay. This proves you’re already using Dropbox and that you’re eligible for the deal.

It takes less than a couple of minutes — assuming you already have Microsoft and Dropbox accounts — and you’ll get your free 100GB of storage instantly. It’s ideal for those looking to backup their photos, music, and other content to the cloud.

This deal begins just as Microsoft’s 100GB offer for Bing Rewards members in the U.S. comes to an end. Windows Central reports that only those living in the U.S. can claim it, but I’ve been able to do so from the U.K., so it’s worth giving it a shot wherever you are.

Microsoft Windows Central

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