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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gold Saucer screenshots

Is there a game out there whose screenshots I enjoy more than Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Not likely. A gallery of shots is like a fashion magazine or a DSLR trip through the most beautiful places on Earth for JRPGs enthusiasts. It’s the perfect representation of the first five games from the series fully realized in gorgeous 3D graphics.

The latest batch of screenshots aren’t overly exciting in that they deal with monsters, exploring, or fighting, but rather they tackle another nostalgic high point for fans of the series: the Gold Saucer. Final Fantasy VII’s mini-game heaven is making the leap into A Realm Reborn with the next DLC pack, and Square Enix loves to flaunt it in all its glory.

Of course, Chocobo racing is the first thing that will come to mind when any Final Fantasy VII veteran thinks of the Gold Saucer, and the DLC pack will have plenty of that. You’ll be able to breed your own Chocobos again and race them for prizes. I wonder if the game’s ultimate reward is a game breaking summon monster! Will we be able to run across the ocean once more?!

Also at the Gold Saucer are organized areas for Triple Triad, Final Fantasy‘s built-in card game. Unlike in Final Fantasy VIII or IX, your hero won’t be forced to scoop strangers off the street to play anymore.

Looks exciting, and I wish I had the free time to dive into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn again. Is there a more exciting MMORPG on the market?

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Ron Duwell

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