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Bloodborne’s story trailer – The danger, death and madness of Yharnam

by Ron Duwell | February 20, 2015February 20, 2015 10:30 am EST

With a title like Bloodborne, you would expect that a game would have to have a bone chilling storyline, wouldn’t you? Well, you certainly aren’t wrong for thinking so! Sony has released a new trailer for its incoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, and I hope you aren’t watching it alone in the dark. Be sure to grab that teddy bear!

All of your worst nightmares come to life in this this little teaser of the games’s plot. A plague has overrun the city of¬†Yharnam, leaving its inhabitants transformed into hideous werewolves and other indescribable beasts. You play the role of a hunter, a stranger in these lands looking for a remedy lost within the city’s walls. Many make the pilgrimage to uncover the secret, but of course, many also lose their lives in the process.

Are you different, or are you just another wannabe who will fall victim to these beasts?

It’s a simpler story with a much easier setup than Dark Souls. The surrealism of those games can only go so far before it becomes tiring, so I’m all aboard for a much more traditional and streamlined action/adventure plot. I don’t need too much motivation or exposition to get me in the mood to start cutting violent monsters in half.

Bloodborne will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 24.

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