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You’re not the only one not interested in the Amazon Fire Phone

by Todd Haselton | February 20, 2015February 20, 2015 1:00 pm EST

The Amazon Fire Phone was a dud. Sales figures already told us that, as did the quick decline in price. You can now buy one off contract and with a free year of Amazon Prime for just $199. Consumers aren’t the only ones giving the Amazon Fire Phone a cold shoulder, however. Now developers are, too.

According to a report published by GeekWire on Thursday, mobile app developers are starting to lose interest in the Fire Phone and some have admitted they have no future plans to develop for the platform, even if Amazon does ultimately release new hardware. That’s bad news for Amazon, which already offers a relatively limited app store of its own, and doesn’t provide access to Google Play Services.

“It’s going to be a tough sell if they expect people to do it again,” Mobile Game Partners co-founder Kevin Flynn told GeekWire. Another developer offered a similar sentiment. “I don’t think anyone is excited about developing for another Fire Phone,” one told the news outlet. “It sure isn’t on our priority list right now since version one is sucking wind.” Other statements from additional developers suggested they won’t be building additional apps and that they’re placing focus on other Android initiatives.

As we’ve learned through plenty of operating system launches, the end result of an OS’s success can often hinge on the applications that are available for it. That’s why BlackBerry and Windows Phone have struggled in the face of iOS and Android, where there’s a larger app selection. Amazon’s going to need to do some hardcore wooing if it wants its next phone to be a success.


Todd Haselton

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