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Wii U GameCube Adapter available for pre-order at GameStop

by Ron Duwell | February 19, 2015February 19, 2015 12:45 pm EST

Gamecube Controller Adapter

The highly coveted Wii U GameCube Adapter is now available for pre-order at GameStop. For just $49.98, you and three of your friends will be able to enjoy Super Smash Bros. as the creators, professionals, Zeus Greek God of Thunder, and most gamers with a functioning set of hands will agree is the absolute best way: with a GameCube controller.

Up until this point, the device has only been made available through a bundle with Super Smash Bros., meaning that now you are no longer burdened with the decision to buy another copy of a game you probably already own.

The adapter is only compatible with Super Smash Bros., so don’t plan on purchasing it with the intentions of playing another game.

The pre-order will ensure that the device will be on your doorstep on May 1, liberating your tired hands from the Wii U GamePad and leaving you free to whack an Animal Crossing Villager into next Tuesday with the comfortable wireless power of the WaveBird controller!

Sounds like heaven!

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