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New Pebble said to feature thinner design, color e-paper display

by Brandon Russell | February 19, 2015February 19, 2015 2:00 pm PST

Pebble Steel 001

Pebble’s next watch will apparently be much improved over its excellent Steel model, though don’t expect it to feature a touch screen.

9to5Mac has the skinny on Pebble’s new hardware, saying it will feature a wider e-paper display that will be much thinner than previous models. The Steel isn’t all that large to begin with, though it isn’t considered thin, either. The first Pebble, however, is rather big, so Pebble will definitely do well to eliminate some of that thickness in the next model.

Expect a color screen this time, 9to5Mac said. Pebble’s excellent multi-day battery life should also be expected, which the company has become famous for. Running under the hood will be Pebble’s “dramatically different” software platform, which sources claim has been built by the team responsible for webOS. Earlier this month, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky teased the new software would use an entirely new interaction model. 9to5Mac mentions the device will sport a microphone, hinting at the possibility of voice dictation.

Pebble has sold over a million units since becoming a Kickstarter success, but it’s seeing increasing competition from the likes of Google, and, soon, Apple. A complete revamp of hardware and software is a nice start, but will that be enough? Maybe.

We’ll (presumably) find out on Tuesday what the new Pebble is all about.


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