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Pebble has a big announcement in 5 days – New smartwatch seems likely

by Todd Haselton | February 19, 2015February 19, 2015 7:30 am EST


Are we finally about to see a new Pebble? We hope so. The company recently created a splash page with a countdown to an event that’s occurring roughly 5 days from now. That means we should expect some big news on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 24., a week before Mobile World Congress officially kicks off.

So what’s in store? Pebble doesn’t offer much of a teaser on its site. Our best bet is that Pebble has a new smartwatch model to show us. Remember, earlier this month the CEO said that Pebble has a brand new software platform that’s going to launch on new hardware, and that it’s going to be unlike anything else currently available. The company recently sold its 1 millionth unit, though it’s about to face stiff competition from Apple this April — can it hold Cupertino at bay?

We’ll know more next Tuesday and, hopefully we’ll be able to check one out in Barcelona, assuming the company makes an appearance during Mobile World Congress.


Todd Haselton

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