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Fresh version of Google Glass already being shown off to select partners

by Brandon Russell | February 19, 2015February 19, 2015 8:00 pm EST

Google Glass

Google Glass isn’t dead, just in a weird and mysterious transition period. The search giant has gone back to the drawing board in an effort to completely revamp the project, putting iPod creator Tony Fadell in charge. And it sounds like the team is already coming up with new iterations, with 9to5Google claiming “very early versions of the next iteration” have already been shown off to select Glass at Work partners.

It’s unclear how the latest prototype improves on the one initially offered through Google’s Explorer program. But sources claim the face computer is indeed making the rounds, suggesting Google is trying to get feedback as it works out of the public eye. The first Google Glass wasn’t exactly beloved among consumers, and especially among the media. That’s a big reason why the company’s strategy has shifted, but it isn’t giving up just yet.

What 9to5Google doesn’t clarify is whether or not the pair of glasses being shown off are left over from the previous Glass regime.

“It’s uncertain if this device is a newer model, or if it was a continuation of Google reaching out to partners with a model developed before leadership shifted,” 9to5Google said.

Following Tony Fadell’s appointment among the Glass ranks, the team has reportedly been shuffled to provide the company with a fresh vision. In addition to the iPod, Fadell also created Nest, so he definitely has the pedigree to take something and make it easier to use. Whether he can achieve that same success with Google Glass remains to be seen. But it sounds like he and his team might already be in pursuit of a brighter Glass future.


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