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Free Hotline Miami 2 digital comic available through Steam

Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number Comic

Free comic book, what!? Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital have teamed up with Dayjob Studio to deliver a free comic book series in preparation for the launch of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Seriously, what’s with all the studios starting with “D?” Is that part of the twist or a new code in this sequel?

The app for the comic series is available through Steam for free, and it will update regularly with new issues as they become available. There is no need to pre-order Hotline Miami 2 to get the free comics. No need to stress over buying the PC game for the comic even if you really want to play the game on the Vita. No need to lose hair about buying from a certain retailer. No reason at all to send any money towards any parties involved in any way with Hotline Miami 2.

They’re just… there. Go ahead and enjoy them thanks to the good will of the developers and publishers. Are you taking notes, AAA publishers?

My guess is we’ll be seeing a new comic every week while we prepare for the release of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number in March on the PS Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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