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Dragon’s Dogma Online second trailer – Monsters! What else can you say?

by Ron Duwell | February 19, 2015February 19, 2015 7:30 pm EST

Whenever talking about Capcom’s budding Dragon’s Dogma franchise, the first compliment any fan will bring up are the excellent monster designs. Every single time. The Devil May Cry action in an open-world RPG, maybe. The unique pawn multiplayer system, perhaps. The intuitive, seamless exploration, absolutely not.

No, it’s always, without fail, the monster designs.

The same reigns true for the second Dragon’s Dogma Online trailer. We get a dose of the hardcore action and some storytelling scenes before getting to what we really want to see: griffins, cyclopes, chimeras, goblins, dragons, orcs, giants, and these crazy new pig monsters. The whole gang is here! Capcom is going all out in making sure these beasts are the star of this upcoming free-to-play online RPG.

Maybe it’s because I’ve started watching Japanese television every day after living here for about seven years, but I am having a harder and harder time buying into Japanese voice acting. I’m not sure why I thought about that specifically in this trailer, but yeah, I really want these characters to keep their mouths shut. It’s the same voices that pop up in the cheap TV dramas that make their way onto the screen when I’m not paying attention.

The jerk at the :52 mark especially! I hate his face, and I hope he gets pink eye!

Still, I’m not playing Dragon’s Dogma Online for the voice acting or story, am I? I’m playing it for the monsters, and hopefully these scenes are skippable. The game will launch for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC in Japan later this year. No word on a localization yet.


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