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Apple’s car will hit the road by 2020, says report

by Brandon Russell | February 19, 2015February 19, 2015 4:03 pm EST

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Apple’s rumored self-driving electric car will supposedly be on the road by 2020. According to Bloomberg, the iPhone maker is targeting production within the next five years, giving it plenty of time for R&D as it continues to assemble an Avengers-style team of experienced engineers. It typically takes automakers five to seven years to develop a car, which means the next decade could kick off in a huge way.

The Apple car rumors have reached fever point over the past few weeks, culminating in a report claiming Apple’s electric car would be autonomous. If the company does indeed move past the planning stages, it would mark a huge shift in Apple’s strategy, from software and services directly into your driveway. The hope is to challenge Tesla, sources close to Apple’s plans claim; maybe those billions of dollars will help Apple achieve that mission.

While a goal of 2020 has been set on the table, sources told Bloomberg there’s still a possibility Apple’s plans could be scrapped entirely if executives aren’t happy with progress. But seeing as Apple’s car team is a who’s who of engineers, the company is definitely poised to hit the road sooner rather than later. And it wouldn’t just be Tesla Apple would be competing against. Google is also working on autonomous cars, while big automakers, such as GM, are investing in all-electric vehicles.

It always seemed unlikely Apple’s car team would produce something in the near future, but it’s also not as far away as we thought.


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