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The Evil Within DLC trailer – Leslie! Leslie! Your table is ready!

Wow, to think that I had The Evil Within on my short list for Game of the Year choices for 2014. Thankfully, our other gaming editors were able to talk me down from that decision, and I went with Shadows of Mordor instead. Honestly, I’ve all but forgotten about Shinji Mikami’s survival-horror game in the year or so since I’ve played it.

It might be time to fire up the ol’ memory, because Bethesda wants us to pony up for the promised DLC. I’m still scratching my head over the story and the wacky ending, so maybe this new chapter will deliver a few answers. Who was Leslie? Why was she hired? Who does she work for? How did she survive in the game’s background for so long?

All are questions that the new trailer apparently has as well. While watching from inside a locker, something that became a bit of an annoying theme in games last year, a voice desperately calls out for the rookie detective while searching for her with a spotlight implanted on its face. And that’s it. The trailer ends before it even begins, and we are left none the wiser about the upcoming DLC pack, “The Assignment.”

Looks like we’ll have to drop a few bucks if we want to know the truth behind our heroine. Me? I played The Evil Within for the Resident Evil 4 throwback gameplay, and I just flowed with the story wherever it took me. I’m not so sure if I care about Leslie by this point. I’ll wait for the reviews.

No specific date has been set for the expansion yet, but Bethesda’s post suggests it will be in March.


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