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Pokkén Tournament trailer – 4 minutes of brutal Pokémon action

by Ron Duwell | February 18, 2015February 18, 2015 9:30 am EST

You want to see Pokémon beat the living stuffing out of each other? You got it! Bandai Namco has a new four minute gameplay trailer showing off the monsters bringing the pain in its new fighting game spin-off, Pokkén Tournament.

We get a good look at Lucario, Machamp, Gardevoir, Suicune, and a Pikachu who is just too cool for school. In addition to our main fighters, players can also summon a handful of support Pokémon to turn the tide of battle. Here’s where the cute types like Fennekin, Eevee and Emolga come into play. They don’t get their hands overly bloody.

Bandai Namco wraps its trailer up in excellent fashion at the 3:54 minute with Pikachu just ripping poor Lucario to shreds. Wow, I never realized Pikachus had fists that big!

For nearly 20 years now, we’ve been asked to use our imaginations and fill in the blanks when watching these monsters throw simple battle animations back and forth at one another. Now is the time we can finally see how a real Pokémon battle might look if it played out in actual life. Readers might know of my loyalty to the original 151, so once the game hits Japanese arcades this coming summer, you can bet that Machamp will be the first of the big bruisers I choose.

Again, Pokkén Tournament launches in Japanese arcades this coming summer. No word on a home console Wii U port just yet, but I’m willing to bet it will happen before the year is out in Japan at least.

Ron Duwell

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