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Does Siri’s voice sound any better in iOS 8.3?

by Brandon Russell | February 18, 2015February 18, 2015 5:30 pm EST

Siri’s a bit smarter now than when she was introduced as a core part of iOS in 2011, but the software still sounds like a robot with zero personality. Maybe that’s part of her charm? She can tell a mean joke, but her phonetics definitely need improving. When put against competitors like Google Now and Cortana, Siri sounds laughably bad, to the point where her poor digital voice is annoying.

Thankfully, a new update is looking to change that, although the difference is very subtle. Pointed out by 9to5Mac, a new video showcasing the latest iOS 8.3 beta demonstrates Siri’s uncanny ability to utter the word “potato.” You say potato, Siri says… she also says potato. But it’s an improved version compared to the Siri found in iOS 8.1.1. The voice assistant still sounds stiff and disconnected, but you can hear a difference in quality.

Siri’s improved voice capabilities come ahead of the launch of the Apple Watch, which will rely on the digital assistant to provide users with a hands-free experience. Any improvement to the technology is welcome, no matter if it’s Siri simply being able to properly say the word potato. The sound of her voice isn’t in the same league of a Google Now or Cortana, but baby steps.


Brandon Russell

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