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Official Pokémon app applies colorful themes to smartphones in Japan


The Pokémon Company has released an official smartphone app in Japan that allows users to apply Pokémon themes to their Android and iOS devices. Called Pokémon Style, the app replaces default icons, wallpapers, and other interface elements in a snap.

Pokémon Style requires iOS 7 or Android 4.0 Jelly Bean and above, which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with a relatively modern smartphone. Once installed, it allows users to browse a large library of Pokémon themes and apply them with ease.

Some of the themes are completely free to download, while others are priced at ¥200 (approx. $1.69). However, for a limited time to celebrate the app’s launch, all premium themes are half price until February 25, PocketGamer reports.

Of course, the customization options on iOS are limited thanks to Apple’s restrictions, so Pokémon Style really only offers wallpapers if you’re using an iPhone. But if you have an Android smartphone, you’ll see your favorite pocket monsters pretty much everywhere.

There’s no word on whether this app will ever make it out of Japan, but those who can read Japanese will surely be able to source the APK themselves. It’s available to download now via Google Play on Android, and coming soon to iOS.

Killian Bell

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