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Apple Watch orders suggests it plans to crush competitors

by Todd Haselton | February 17, 2015February 17, 2015 9:00 am EST

Apple has reportedly ordered between 5 million and 6 million Apple Watch units from its suppliers to prepare for the official launch of its smartwatch sometime in April. That’s a lot of units considering that the smartwatch market is off to a relatively slow start, and it shows just how confident Apple is in the product.

Pebble, for example, sold 400,000 smartwatches in all of 2013 and finally hit the 1 million units sold mark earlier this month. Also, a report in February suggested that, combined, all Android Wear manufacturers have shipped – not sold – just 720,000 devices since Android Wear products started shipping to consumers last year. It appears that Apple thinks it can woo customers into the market better than its competitors have, at least if the shipment estimates provided by sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal are legitimate.

According to the news outlet, about 50 percent of all Apple Watch unit orders, placed through Quanta Computer, are for the Apple Watch Sport model, the cheapest of the family that will retail for $349. Apple’s smallest order is for the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition model, which the company hasn’t priced yet but is expected to cost several thousand dollars. The Wall Street Journal said Apple expects to order “more than one million [Apple Watch Edition] units per month in the second quarter,” however, suggesting again, that Apple is banking on the Apple Watch to take off better than any other smartwatch has with mainstream consumers.

Apple’s expected  to provide new details on the Apple Watch and on the next version of iOS that will support the wearable, iOS 8.2, sometime in the coming months. That may come in the form of a press conference where several products are discussed, including a new 12-inch MacBook Air and a possible iPad Pro.

Todd Haselton

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