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Rayman in Super Smash Bros, or how to make your own deceptive video game rumor

by Ron Duwell | February 16, 2015February 16, 2015 6:00 am EST

Oh, how the tides and fortunes of nature change over the course of two days. This past weekend kicked off with a YouTube video which all but confirmed that Ubisoft’s popular character Rayman was coming to Super Smash Bros. via DLC, and the Nintendo fans of course went wild with excitement.

I mean, it’s right there in the offscreen video! How can it possibly be wrong!

Now we are all waking up Monday morning wiser and hopefully smarter people with knowledge that the creator of this fake video has confessed to his actions. I bet he issued a nice long apology to the Nintendo fans for getting their hopes up. Shame on him! Does he feel bad about throwing the shade over all of our eyes? Doesn’t really look like it, does it?

That’s quite a smug intro to his “how to” video!

In fact, you can even say that Artsy Omni, as he goes by, is bragging about not only his little stunt but also his After Effects and Photoshop skills! He has uploaded an eight and a half minute YouTube video explaining the difficult process of remapping the Super Smash Bros. roster and inserting not only Rayman but also Mewtwo.

Brave man, going in front of the Internet and admitting to such a practical joke. The Internet does not forgive and forget so easily. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was hilarious, and those who are still fuming over this little stunt make it even more hilarious. Trolling is perfectly fine when nobody gets hurt, the troll isn’t venomous, and we all get a nice laugh out of it. I’m just worried that the Internet is too much of a collective crybaby to recognize the genuine humor and work that went into this little joke.

Of course, it’s all fun and games until someone tricks me into thinking Dragon Quest VII 3DS is getting localized. Then heads will roll!

In fact, we’ve seen a lot of great, creative trolling over the past year or so with incidents like those take Fallout 4 Morse codes. How does this stack up?


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