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Corsair Adds H100i GTX and H80i GT Liquid Coolers to Hydro Series Line

by Maximum PC | February 14, 2015February 14, 2015 6:00 am PST

Don’t lose your cool

Maintenance free liquid cooling options are all around, and many of them belong to Corsair — the company’s been releasing liquid CPU coolers at a ferocious pace, it seems. In fact, Corsair just announced two new chilly companions for your CPU, the Hydro Series H100i GTX with 240mm radiator and H80i GT with 120mm radiator. Both options feature a next generation cooling block like the one found on the recently released H110i GT.

Since it sports a 240mm dual-fan radiator, the H100i GTX is a bit bigger overall. It has an improved coldplate and pump design, tool-free mounting bracket for faster installation, and built-in Corsair Link support for configuring fan and pump speeds, along with the RGB LED lighting.

The self-contained cooler supports Intel LGA 115x, 1366, 2011, and 2011-3 platforms, and AMD AM2, AM3, FM1, and FM2 boards. It carries an MSRP of $120 and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

As to its smaller sibling, the H80i GT, it uses an “extra thick” radiator that measures 38mm wide, which is 13mm more than the H100i GTX. It’s also a single-fan solution, but otherwise shares the sames specs, including support for the same Intel and AMD sockets.

The H80i GT is also a little more affordable at $100 and comes with the same 5-year warranty.

If you want to know how the specs compare to other models in Corsair’s Hydro Series link, the company posted a handy chart on its website.

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Covering everything from hi-end gaming PCs to tablets, peripherals and home theater rigs, Maximum PC's print and Web editions stay one step ahead of...