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Two-step Authentication Hits iMessage and FaceTime

by Todd Haselton | February 12, 2015February 12, 2015 8:00 pm PST


If you’re not using two-step authentication everywhere possible, you should be. It allows you to login to a website or social network and then, using either a special code sent to your phone number or a special piece of code generating software, you log-in a second time. That’s why it’s called two-step. It’s available for services including Google, Facebook, Twitter and everything in-between but, until now, it wasn’t available for some of Apple’s products — though iCloud and iTunes are covered.

According to The Guardian, Apple is now rolling out two-step authentication to iMessage and FaceTime. That prevents anyone but you from accessing those systems when you log-in. The news outlet said that, if you were to log out of one of those systems, or try to log back in on a new machine, you’ll need to enter in a special code generated by Apple and sent to a device registered through Find My iPhone.

Our phones might not be the most at risk, since you’re usually not logging in and out on them, but it’s a much more secure option on computers where you might be more at risk from someone trying to login to your account.

The Guardian

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