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Chaining manuals and combos in OlliOlli 2’s updated features

by Ron Duwell | February 12, 2015February 12, 2015 12:45 pm PST

Man, I still haven’t wrapped my brain around the first OlliOlli, and a sequel is already in the works which adds even more chaos and depth to the formula. A new trailer released by development studio roll7 explains all the new changes and features in the sequel to the minimalist skateboard indie hit.

roll7 claims that OlliOlli 2 has just gone into beta after being in the works since Aug. 2013, half a year before the first game was even released. The studio’s own Simon Bennett explains all the new additions in an update on PlayStation Blog while Q&A leader Sam plays the game in the trailer you see above.

So, whats new in OlliOlli2? Well — much like THPS2 we have added Manuals and Combos — a serious game changer allowing a player to chain together combos like some kind of skate ninja from the future. As combos increase, so do the score potentials — so we have added a section to the HUD which shows what a potential score WOULD be if the current combo was landed Perfect. We also have grind switches — a super satisfying maneuver allowing you to switch between 2 grind types (if you nail the grind perfect). On top of this we have also added epic tricks, with longer animation times — which require enough air-time to successfully nail… mmmm, Epic Tricks…

Please, just take your time fellas. Hone it all you like because I am having a hard time keeping up. My twitch gaming skills are getting duller with age, and I have no idea what is even going on with the simplicity of the first one! That’s probably why I’m such an RPG guy anyway. At least I can keep my gaming habits intact once I reach retirement age.

roll7 has also released a wonderful little mini-documentary about its beginnings and how it goes about developing games, so be sure to check that one as well. No word on a release date for OlliOlli 2 yet, but you can at least be sure that it will at least launch on the PS Vita.

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