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Biggest News of The Week: Feb. 1 – 7

by Sean P. Aune | February 7, 2015February 7, 2015 8:00 am PST

Had a busy week? We know how that feels. Life gets busy and you miss out on all that important tech news.

We’ve got you covered, though. We’ve put together the biggest stories from the world of tech this week as determined by our readers.  We ran through all our posts from the week and selected the most viewed posts from TechnoBuffalo.

From the OnePlus Oxygen OS to the reveal of a new villain for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it was a diverse week with a bit of something for everyone. So here’s your tech news recap for the week:

Biggest News of The Week: Feb. 1 – 7

OnePlus OxygenOS Photos Leaked

OnePlus wasn’t planning on revealing its new operating system until later this month, but a new leak claims to offer an early look at the upcoming OxygenOS. A handful of images published by GizmoChina show the Chinese company’s plans for a custom Android homescreen and a pre-installed weather app. The new UI looks pretty good, offering […]

Galaxy S6 Design: Case Maker Claims This Is It

With the Galaxy S6 just a few weeks away from an official unveiling, Samsung isn’t having much luck keeping the device under wraps. We’ve already seen a few photos of the rumored smartphone, and now one company may have revealed official renders as well. South Korean case-maker Versus shared its Galaxy S6 accessories with PhoneArena this week, […]

Nexus 6 Three Months Later: Yep, This Phone Is Still Big

The Nexus 6 was a pretty great big phone experience when it launched last year. But now that the honeymoon period has ended, have our feelings about the device changed at all? Not really, no. If you’re a fan of monstrous devices and stock Android, the Nexus 6 is the handset to buy. That is, […]

Meet Your New Villain in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

We’ve had a few glimpses at the evil-doers behind the wrecked timeline of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, but this is the big daddy of them all. Demigra the Demon God is an original character created specifically for this storyline, and he is behind the outbreak of pink-eye which seems to make our Z-fighters turn evil. In this […]

iOS 8.2 Beta 5 Released to Developers, Here’s What’s New

Apple just released iOS 8.2 beta 5 to developers, the latest version of a future major update to its mobile operating system that should launch right around the time the Apple Watch hits the market. This is the version that supports WatchKit, after all, so it’s going to include all of the support required for […]

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