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Snapchat Update Let’s You Save Your Story As One Big Video

by Brandon Russell | February 6, 2015February 6, 2015 12:30 pm PST

snapchat update 6

Good news, Snapchatters. A new update (version 9.1.1) will allow you to download your entire Snapchat Story with the click of a button. Oh, the sweet smell of convenience.

Before, if you wanted to save your Story, the only way to do it was to save each individual photo and video to your Camera Roll. If you consistently make lengthy stories, then, well, the process would be arduous to say the least. But Snapchat has come to its senses by adding a new download button, encouraging folks to save their Snaps for posterity.

It doesn’t sound like the feature is available to everyone just yet, so perhaps this is one of those slow roll out deals. Bummer. The release notes for version 9.1.1 don’t even mention the feature, so there’s a chance this is just an experimental thing. Hopefully not, because it makes saving your Snaps so much easier.

It sounds like files will save as a video regardless if it’s a collection of photos or a mix of both photos and videos. And unfortunately you can’t pick and choose which Snaps in your Story you want to save. Save them all, or go through one by one.


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