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Obama Got a Peek at the Original iPhone Before Steve Jobs Announced It

by Killian Bell | February 6, 2015February 6, 2015 4:03 am PDT

Official portrait of President Barack Obama

Apple may be the most secretive technology company on the planet, but it clearly trusts President Barack Obama. According to a new book, Obama got a sneak peek at the original iPhone before Steve Jobs announced it — and wanted to buy shares in Apple as a result.

“In 2007, Obama got a sneak peek at the iPhone during a private meeting with Apple’s Steve Jobs,” writes Obama’s chief campaign adviser, David Axelrod, in a new book entitled Believer.

“‘If it were legal, I would buy a boatload of Apple stock. This thing is going to be really big,’ Obama said after the meeting.”

Back then, Apple stock was selling for between $12 and $14 a share, so had Obama invested, he’d have made quite a sizable profit by now.

Despite being impressed by Apple’s smartphone, however, Obama isn’t an iPhone user. He billed himself as the first “BlackBerry President” during his first presidential campaign, and he is still pictured using BlackBerry devices to this day.

Perhaps that’s for security reasons, or because it’s easier to run the country on a physical keyboard, but Obama does use an iPad alongside his smartphone.


Killian Bell

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