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Microsoft Wants ‘Rollback’ Feature in Windows 10 Preview for Phones


If you’re itching to test out the upcoming Windows 10 Preview on your smartphone, but you’re worried bugs and other instabilities might make it unusable, Microsoft may be working on just the feature to put your mind at ease.

“We’ll share more details later, but ability to rollback if you hit an issue is very important to us,” said Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul during a Twitter Q&A, when quizzed about the ability to downgrade to an older Windows Phone releases.

While it sounds like little more than an idea for now, a rollback feature would allow users to upgrade to the Windows 10 Preview and try it out, then downgrade to a previous build or even to an existing Windows Phone release if they run into any issues.

Not only would this be useful for developers, but also to consumers who — despite the best advice — might upgrade their daily drivers to Windows 10 Preview builds because they don’t want to wait for the update to be released to the public.

It could save Microsoft a whole lot of customer support complaints, too, but Aul’s tweet wasn’t a promise of things to come, so the ability to rollback may not appear in Windows 10 pre-release builds. We can keep our fingers crossed, however.

Killian Bell

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