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Grow Home Launch Trailer – Chibi Robo’s Got Nothin’ on Me!

by Ron Duwell | February 5, 2015February 5, 2015 12:15 pm PST

Some robots clean houses, and others climb beanstalks. Grow Home is the latest indie-esque title from AAA publisher Ubisoft, similar to the vein of Child of Light and Valiant Hearts. Honestly, it looks like the best of the three, too. The company seems tired of the “evil empire” AAA reputation it has gained over the last year, and these little gems are how it plans to set things right.

Our little robot named Bud has only one function in his programming and that’s to climb. Climb to the top of a giant beanstalk that grows from the middle of the desert and into the wild blue above. An absolutely gorgeous beanstalk with vibrant colors, death defying obstacles, and nothing but green as far and high as the eye can see.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I get a serious 90s vibe, especially Nintendo, when watching the adorable bud make his way from limb to limb. The Wind Waker  and NiGHTS Into Dreams… obviously come to mind, but seeing some of the effects and just general sense of freedom to it, I feel like I am 10-years-old and watching somebody play Super Mario 64 for the very first time all over again. It seems like a lighthearted game straight from that era.

I suddenly have a strange desire to drink some Surge!

Grow Home is available now for the PC through Steam for $7.99, and it’s found a way onto my backlog for 2015 as “one to check out.” You don’t even need Uplay to play it! Are we sure this is a Ubisoft game?

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