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Not Even Microsoft is Making Windows RT Tablets Anymore

Nokia Lumia 2520 - Review - Hero - 002

Windows RT has been on its last legs for a long time now, but it seems the platform has finally met its inevitable demise. Microsoft has confirmed that its Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet — the last Windows RT device in production — is no longer being made.

“We are no longer manufacturing Nokia Lumia 2520,” the company told The Verge, before adding that those still looking to buy the device may be able to obtain one of the last units from, a Microsoft retail store, or from a third-party reseller.

But who would want to buy a Windows RT device now that Microsoft has given up on the platform?

The Lumia 2520 became the last Windows RT tablet just a week ago, when Microsoft stopped manufacturing the Surface 2 slate. Asus, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, and other hardware partners dropped their Windows RT devices a long time ago.

Windows RT was designed specifically for tablets with ARM-based processors, which were typically more affordable than those with the regular Windows 8 operating system. However, a lack of touch-based Windows apps and an inability to run traditional desktop programs — like regular Windows 8 tablets can — meant it proved to be unpopular among consumers.

What’s unclear now is whether Microsoft will give up on ARM altogether. The company hasn’t announced plans for ARM-based Windows 10 devices, or indeed a Windows 10 RT platform, so we wouldn’t be too surprised to see that happen.

The Verge

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