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Microsoft Plans a “Game Changer” to Fix its App Gap Problem

by Jacob Kleinman | February 4, 2015February 4, 2015 3:00 pm PDT


Microsoft took some big steps forward last month when it unveiled plans for Windows 10, but the company still has at least one big problem. The software giant is struggling to convince third-party developers to create apps for Windows devices, but Microsoft may have a trick up its sleeve.

A recent job listing from Microsoft for a Senior Program Manager describes a position focused on bringing more apps to Windows. The company says it’s looking for a “game changer” with experience developing apps for both Windows and competing platforms. Unfortunately, the listing doesn’t reveal Microsoft’s specific plans to solve the app gap it faces compared to Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

However, a separate report from Neowin may shed some light on the company’s game-changing strategy. Citing several anonymous sources, the Microsoft-focused blog suggests the new plan could hinge on making it easier for developers to port Android apps over to Windows devices. The company apparently has similar plans to boost its new Spartan browser by making it easy to port Chrome extensions.

Neowin also notes that Microsoft is still considering simply offering support for Android apps within Windows, but for now it looks like the company is determined to build up its own app store.

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