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Instagram’s Videos Now Loop Just Like Vine’s

by Brandon Russell | February 4, 2015February 4, 2015 7:00 pm PDT

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Instagram has reached over 300 million monthly users, and that phenomenal growth is set to continue thanks to a new update.

In an effort to make the photo-sharing app a more desired social destination, Instagram on Wednesday received an update designed to directly compete with Vine (again). Going forward, videos uploaded to the platform will loop endlessly, opening up all new opportunities for users and advertisers to make the service more of a video-focused destination.

Since adding 15-second videos to its service almost two years ago, Instagram’s video scene has always been secondary. Of the 300 or so people I follow, I rarely see videos. To be fair, the company has always maintained it’s first and foremost a photo-focused platform. But with today’s update, Instagram is quietly showing that videos are certainly here to stay. Whether users will take advantage of looping videos remains to be seen.

You can bet advertisers will be among the first to use the new feature. For now, it doesn’t appear there’s an option to stop videos from looping, and that’s exactly what Instagram wants.

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