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Dying Light has Seen Over 1.2 Million Players Since Launch

by Joey Davidson | February 4, 2015February 4, 2015 4:30 pm PDT


There have been a whole lot of survivors romping through and, I suppose more importantly, above the streets of Harran in Techland’s recent Dying Light. The studio shared a quick infographic on Twitter regarding the official player count.

Dying Light has now seen more than 1,200,000 unique players across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

That’s pretty darn impressive.

We posted our review of the title yesterday. It’s a fun game, and certainly worthy of your consideration if you dig the zombie genre and, perhaps, enjoying Techland’s Dead Island. Eric and I both found its quests a bit too repetitive and its combat a little boring, but the parkour elements are fantastic.

Are you one of the 1.2 million Dying Light players? What do you think of the game?

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