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Android 5.1 Already Shipping on Some New Smartphones

by Jacob Kleinman | February 4, 2015February 4, 2015 7:00 am PST

Android 5.0 Lollipop is still rolling out to some devices, but it looks like Google may already be moving on to the next significant update. Android Police reports that the first smartphones running Android 5.1 are already shipping in some countries, though you won’t find them here in the U.S.

For now, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system seems to be restricted to Android One devices, which promise mid-range specs and the latest software for developing markets like India and Indonesia. The update is simply listed as Android 5.1 on the device in question, though we assume Google is still using the Lollipop name for now.

There’s still no official word on what Android 5.1 will offer, though earlier reports suggest it could be a pretty minor update. The software update is expected to fix some issues with notifications, Wi-Fi connections and “Okay Google” controls, while adding extra battery life, a few small design tweaks and more.

Android Police also managed to dig up early builds of Android 5.1 for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, suggesting Google may already be prepping for a global update. For now it doesn’t look like there’s any real reason to grab the latest version of Android, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything else.

Android Police

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