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Biggest News of The Week: Jan. 25 – 31

by Roy Choi | January 31, 2015January 31, 2015 8:00 am PDT

Had a busy week? We know how that feels. Life gets busy and you miss out on all that important tech news.

We’ve got you covered, though. We’ve put together the biggest stories from the world of tech this week as determined by our readers.  We ran through all our posts from the week and selected the most viewed posts from TechnoBuffalo.

Boy what a week, we have plenty of leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, iPad Pro, and MacBook Air.  We also have some new screenshots from Final Fantasy XV. Oh and that iOS 8.1.3 update that iPhone/iPad users have been waiting finally dropped. So here’s your tech news recap for the week:

Biggest Stories from the Week

Final Fantasy XV Battle Screenshots – Road Warriors!

Final Fantasy XV really puts our heroes on a lot of streets, doesn’t it? This civilized world is far more interconnected with modern day infrastructure than any other Final Fantasy to date. Previous games feature mostly a random scattering of towns and cities with nothing but lawless wilderness in between. Final Fantasy XV? Sorry Doc Brown, […]

Leaked Galaxy S6 Photo Shows Possible Samsung Prototype

There’s been no shortage of Galaxy S6 rumors, but we still haven’t seen a convincing photo of the upcoming flagship phone. That may have finally changed late last night, when PhoneArena got its hands on a photo for what appears to be an early prototype for the device. We have to say, the Galaxy S6 looks pretty […]

Rumored 12-Inch MacBook Air Revealed in Leaked Photos

Earlier this month we saw the first alleged renders for Apple’s rumored 12-inch MacBook Air start to pop up, but now we may be getting a look at the real thing. A fresh batch of photos from Chinese blog iFanr claim to show the upcoming laptop’s front lid alongside current MacBooks and iPads for comparison. The […]

iPad Pro Renders Show a Sleek Design, Massive Bezels and Stylus

Apple’s iPad Pro is expected to arrive sometime this year with a 12.9-inch display. It might even include a stylus, according to one recent report. What will this device look like? Gadget-rendering master Martin Hajek has some pretty good ideas. A new set of renders show off the alleged iPad Pro next to the latest […]

Leaked HTC One M9 Handsets Are Said to be Decoys

We’ve seen several pictures of what are believed to be leaked HTC One M9 handsets over the past week, but according to sources familiar with HTC’s plans, they aren’t all that they seem. While they are genuine HTC devices, they are merely decoys used for testing purposes. The images we’ve seen so far have suggested […]

Kickstart This Amazing Projector and Turn an Entire Room Into a Screen

Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft’s just-announced HoloLens looks awesome, and so does Oculus, but there’s something undeniably isolating about strapping on a headset and diving into another reality. You’re off in your own world, even if you can still interact with the real one. But this is different. This is Immersis. So what is Immersis? […]

Apple Has Released iOS 8.1.3

Sit down, connect to Wi-Fi and back up your phone: it’s time to update. Apple on Tuesday released iOS 8.1.3, introducing a slew of new big fixes, enhancements and other new updates. This is very incremental in nature, which means you shouldn’t expect a completely new experience. What you can expect, however, is a much […]

Guess the Phone: Discover What a Mid-Range Phone Should Be

You probably don’t own this phone, and I wouldn’t be surprise to find out you’ve never even heard of it. That’s not your fault. It never stood a chance. But, come to find out, it wasn’t a particularly bad handset. A little underpowered, sure, but perfect for the mid-range market. And the design was terrific, […]

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