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Google Now Just Got Much More Incredible

by Brandon Russell | January 30, 2015January 30, 2015 7:00 pm PST

It turns out Google Now can get better. The hyper intelligent psychic is getting more useful by opening up support for third-party apps, which means services like Airbnb, Lyft and more will get their own cards. If you rely heavily on the search giant’s predictive experience, this is a very welcome update; and if you’re on Android Wear, your smartwatch is going to get even better.

As of now, Google is opening its platform up to 40 different apps, each of which will constantly feed data into Now cards. Android users should see an update to Google Now starting Friday, which means if you use the apps mentioned above, you should start seeing these new cards filling your feed. With Airbnb, it’ll show a card specific to a trip you’re planning, and even let you book directly through Google Now.

When all is said and done, about 40 new cards will be available in the Google Now update. Things could get pretty crowded fairly quickly, but chances are you won’t consistently use the thirty or so third-party apps set to be included. The point is to bring you relevant information when you need it, which is why you use Google Now in the first place.

It’s unclear if more third-party support will roll out in the future, but we have a feeling this is only the beginning. In addition to Airbnb and Lyft, services like eBay, Zillow and Kayak are also supported. You can check out the full list of newly supported apps at the source link below.


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