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Angry Birds Maker Rovio’s Head of Games Division Departs

by Joey Davidson | January 30, 2015January 30, 2015 9:30 am PST

Angry Birds Star Wars - 2

In terms of sheer discussion and hype surrounding the Angry Birds franchise, it’s safe to say that things have dwindled a bit after its remarkable high a year or so ago. The franchise has lost a bit of its luster, and that’s evidenced by its absence from the top spots on app marketplaces.

Whether because of that decreased success or not, Jami Laes, the heard of Rovio’s gaming division, has reportedly left the company. This comes after the company announced that it would cut roughly 14 percent of its employees. Job cuts and division head departures are never good signs.

The report comes from Reuters, and they have it that Laes announced that he’ll start a brand new company soon, though surrounding what and with whom wasn’t clarified.

I’m personally not a fan of the Angry Birds franchise. It’s a game that was essentially a copy of early efforts on Flash gaming sites, and I actually think most of its success was due to its ability to be one of the first at the app marketplace table.

That said, people losing their jobs isn’t cool. Hopefully both Laes and the 14 percent of Rovio employees without jobs land on their feet. I imagine Laes, though, left with enough money to make anything work.


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