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Hyrule Warriors is a Hit, Ships 1 Million Copies

by Ron Duwell | January 28, 2015January 28, 2015 3:30 pm PDT

Hyrule Warriors

It’s official, and the numbers don’t lie. Hyrule Warriors is a bonafide hit for Nintendo shipping 1 million copies to Zelda fans all around the world.

Hyrule Warriors started off as a bit of a joke, really. Not many knew what to expect from it, borrowing from the Dynasty Warriors franchise’s repetitive Musou style combat, but a media blitz which lasted three months, and a pretty solid reception from the critics’ circle, encouraged enough people to try it. Now, those fans are enjoying a rapid-fire string of DLC as Nintendo proves to the world that it can indeed create a gaming platform that is built to last.

My own thoughts are that it is a solid action game with one too many silly mistakes, like the worst checkpoint system in recent memory, holding it back. I also lamented the focus on newer Zelda games and less on the older ones, but the DLC is coming around to fixing that with the Majora’s Mask pack on the way.

Nintendo hasn’t laid out how the figures split between the three major marketplaces. America most likely leads the bunch with the highest number of Wii U sales and probably the largest number of Zelda fans to boot. Hyrule Warriors didn’t quite take off in Japan as it did in the West either, barely selling 100,000 in its first month. Europe hasn’t supplied any sales figures at all since launch.

Also, keep in mind that this figure doesn’t include digital sales either.

Nintendo mentioned that it would like to create more of these spin-off games if Hyrule Warriors proved to be a success. Now that it has that important 1 million sales figure under its belt, what do you think we can expect from Nintendo next?

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