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Amazon Want’s a Piece of the Work Email Pie

by Jacob Kleinman | January 28, 2015January 28, 2015 4:00 pm PST


Facebook recently made a play for the office with Facebook at Work. Now, Amazon is stepping into the workplace with a new email service called WorkMail, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The new service is squarely aimed at enterprise, meaning there won’t be a consumer version of WorkMail anytime soon. The main goal is to offer a product that’s familiar and easy to use, while also being as secure as possible.

Amazon’s new service won’t even need to replace your current inbox. You can keep using Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, but behind the scenes WorkMail will be processing all your messages. The company also plans offer its own user interface as an alternative option.

On the security side of things, WorkMail will encrypt all messages on its own servers. Amazon won’t hold on to the encryption code though, so even if it gets hacked no one else but you will be able to decode your emails. Companies will also be able to decide which countries their email gets stored in for added security.

WorkMail is set to launch in the second quarter of 2015, and is said to cost $4 per employee inbox per month. It might not be enough to convince companies to switch from their current email system, though if you’re already running your business off Amazon’s cloud or the Amazon store it could make a lot of sense to do the same with your email too.


Jacob Kleinman

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