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You’ll Be Able to Use Apple Pay at Nearly 200,000 Self-Service Locations

by Brandon Russell | January 27, 2015January 27, 2015 10:00 pm EST


Vending machines, kiosks, paid parking and other self-service locations will soon support Apple Pay. USA Technologies on Tuesday revealed plans to update nearly 200,000 of its terminals starting today, meaning you’ll be able to buy a bag of Doritos without needing your wallet.

The future is walking up to a vending machine, waving your phone at it, and getting a tasty Snickers bar in return.

“We anticipate that the millions of consumers who frequent these locations will appreciate the convenience and security of using Apple Pay for their everyday purchases, and we believe that Apple Pay will help to drive additional sales for our customers,” said Stephan P. Herbert, Chairman and CEO of USA Technologies.

We’ve already seen how seamless of a solution Apple Pay can be at places like Walgreens; adding support at self-service locations will make the experience that much easier. Instead of dealing with a cashier, Apple Pay users will simply need to wave their iPhone over the self-service location, and voila. It won’t just be simple vending machines that will support Apple’s payment service, either. USA Technologies helps deploy terminals at car washes, amusement parks, arcades and more.

Interest in Apple Pay has been high since the service officially launched late last year, and its profile is only going up. In addition to support at self-serve terminals, Apple Pay was also shown support by Western Union, making it more widely available to users.


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