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You Can Now Learn Swift App Development With Stanford Through iTunes U


If you want to build iOS apps using Apple’s new Swift programming language, Stanford University can help. Its first Swift course is now available to download for free from iTunes U.

Professor Paul Hegarty offers an iOS app development course every year through Stanford’s School of Engineering, but as noted by 9to5Mac, it has now been updated for Swift and Apple’s latest iOS 8 operating system for the first time.

Entitled “Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift,” the course includes an introduction to iOS development and Xcode 6, as well as modules on using MVC in iOS. The course also covers things like animation, device power management, multi-threading, and performance.

Like all iTunes U courses, this one is completely free to download through iTunes, and you’ll be able to watch it on your Mac or PC and iOS devices.

You will need some experience before diving in, though; the course description lists “C language and object-oriented programming experience exceeding Programming Abstractions level, and completion of Programming Paradigms” as a prerequisite.

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