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One Japanese Fan Bought a 20th Anniversary PS4 for $129,000

by Joey Davidson | January 27, 2015January 27, 2015 12:15 pm PST

PlayStation 4 - 20th Anniversary Edition - Unboxed

Would you ever shell out more than 100 grand for a special edition gaming console? I wouldn’t. That’s largely because I don’t have the kind of scratch that I can just throw around all willy-nilly. I also don’t think I could ever bring myself (rich or pobre) to do it.

That didn’t stop one cash solvent Japanese fan from dropping a whopping pile of money on a special edition purchase.

In an official Sony-held auction, one Japanese gamer dropped the winning bid of ¥15.135 million on the No. 00001 unit of the 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4. ¥15.135 million, for reference, breaks down to roughly $129,000.

Now, payment hasn’t officially been made just yet, but Sony of Japan is working with the winner to finalize the transaction. Once that happens, Sony will donate the entire sale to charity as well as a matching contribution from its own corporate bank account. So, one charity will score roughly $260,000 thanks to this console sale.

Hey, I think the 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 looks pretty darn sweet. Maybe not $130k sweet, but pretty sweet nonetheless.


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