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AOL Set to Close Joystiq, According to Rumor

by Joey Davidson | January 27, 2015January 27, 2015 7:30 am PDT

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A rumor regarding the fate of the popular gaming website known as Joystiq has cropped up this morning. The long-running publication might be shutting down.

This report comes from re/code, and they have that AOL is “likely to shutter its primary game site” as “part of an extensive house-cleaning of its underperforming content properties.”

In short, re/code has it that Joystiq isn’t making AOL enough money to continue. The site and its roughly 12 employees might be without work in the coming weeks.

Before I wrote about games online for a living, I was a fan of the industry. While Joystiq sort of slipped away as one of my favorite sites, I loved the network before it was owned by AOL and when it was actually a slew of separate sites under the “Fanboy” name. They had DS Fanboy, PSP Fanboy, Revolution Fanboy… you get the point.

This network (and eventually single site) had a huge affect on my love of gaming before I got into writing about the subject. Hearing that AOL might shut them down is hugely disappointing.

Here’s hoping the current staffers land on their feet if this report does indeed wind up to be true.

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